What's LOADED?

LOADED is custom 500 series channel strip with 5 different units plus main control unit.

I added manual to show you which units included and how they work instead of writing here.


EDIT : 15.09.2020

It's finally DONE!

Version 1.0 (Alpha) is ready to download.

All modules are carefully finished.


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EDIT : 15.08.2020

BETA-2 is ready to download!

De-Esser module is done. Also, BETA-1 version still available to download.

I will update manual with extra info when all module is done.

EDIT : 24.08.2020

BETA-3 is ready to download!

Gate module is done. BETA-1 and BETA-2 versions are still available to download.

EDIT : 03.09.2020

BETA-4 is ready to download!

EQ module is done.

Manual will be updated after last update.

EDIT : 04.09.2020

BETA-4.1 is ready to download.

Fixes for EQ module.

- No more left/right channel mute
- No audio drops