Kali Audio Announces new IN-8 Coincident Studio Monitor

Kali Audio has announced the IN-8, a new 3-way studio monitor with an 8-inch woofer, and concentric 4-Inch midrange and 1-inch tweeter.

Nicknamed “Project Independence,” the IN-8 shares its port tube, woofer, tweeter, and much of its amplifier with Kali’s popular LP-8 studio monitor. In place of the LP-8’s waveguide, the IN-8 has a 4-inch midrange driver, which acts as the waveguide for the tweeter.

The woofer is crossed over to the midrange at 330 Hz, making the IN-8 an acoustical point source. This configuration eliminates lobing in the vertical axis, giving the IN-8 a highly detailed soundstage. The midrange driver also unburdens the woofer and tweeter, allowing for substantial system-wide improvements in total harmonic distortion.

The midrange is profile-optimized for its role as the tweeter’s waveguide, and peak excursion is limited to 1mm, thereby avoiding intermodulation distortion which can be problematic on coaxial designs.

The IN-8 was borne out of opportunity. Says Charles Sprinkle, Kali’s Director of Acoustics: “While finishing work on the LP-8, we had the idea to upgrade the system to include a midrange driver. Doing so would solve the problem that all traditional 2-way studio monitors face: spatial separation of the high frequency and low frequency elements cause off-axis lobing, which compromises the quality of soundstage.”

“The LP-8 platform lends itself well to this upgrade, and so the speaker didn’t need to be redesigned from the ground up. This allowed our team to focus on the directivity performance of the system. As we’ve exhibited the system in various proof-of-concept phases this year, listeners have remarked on the clarity and detail of the stereo image, which is precisely what we hoped to achieve.”

The IN-8 is powered by a 140W Class D amp with 60W going to the woofer, and 40W each going to the midrange and tweeter. Boundary EQ settings, like those found on Kali’s Lone Pine monitors, are accessible on the back of the speaker, along with a quick reference guide printed directly onto the speaker itself.

The IN-8 will be available starting November 1, 2019 in the United States, with worldwide availability soon to follow. MSRP is $399.

For more information, visit: https://www.kaliaudio.com/independence