Fifteen years ago, before all the modeled analog gear, before all the touchscreen consoles, and before the modeling microphones..... there was just DRUMS.

Steven Slate Drums was my first entry into the world of making products for pro audio engineers. I'm proud to say that it became a staple in popular music starting in the mid 2000's, and you can still hear SSD on tons of hits today.

And therefore, I could not be happier to announce on my birthday of all days, the release of Steven Slate Drums 5!

SSD5 has been built from the ground up. It's so easy to use you don't even need to read the manual. But most importantly, we have a new physically-modeled drum playback algorithm that recreates the sound of real drum parts with realism that you'll have to hear to believe. Simple round robin is a thing of the past... now each drum dissolves into the next just like a real acoustic drum kit.

But the most prized feature of SSD has always been the drum sound. And SSD5 delivers with over 50 new Deluxe 2 Instruments which have over double the amount of layers and multisamples from any previous samples. But it's important to know that EVERY legacy drum sample has been reprogrammed with our new SSD5 drum playback algorithm, so you'll even hear a massive improvement in the old school SSD3 classic kits!

In total there are 138 drum kit presets, with 84 kicks, 77 snares, 58 toms, 11 hi-hats, 14 crashes, 6 rides, 4 splashes 3 chinas, 1 clap, 1 tambourine, 1 cowbell.

There are processed kits, raw kits, jazz kits, metal kits, vintage kits, indie kits, and tons of great rock kits!

To PURCHASE SSD5 for its intro price of $149 (reg $179), visit:
Steven Slate Drums - World-Class Virtual Drum Instruments & Replacers

Want to check out a full version of SSD5 with one incredible sounding kit that you'll be able to use right away?
Go to Steven Slate Drums - World-Class Virtual Drum Instruments & Replacers and download SSD5 FREE!!

Did you buy SSD4 after January 22nd 2018? You get a FREE upgrade to SSD5! Check your email or see the website for details.

Want to upgrade to SSD5 from SSD4 EX or Platinum? Check your email, or visit the upgrade page on the website.

Full SSD5 Update Features List:

Here’s a Full List of Every New Feature and Update in SSD5:

- New Deluxe 2 drum library with more than 50 new instruments including 10 new kicks, 10 new snares, and even a few percussion instruments. All the drums are unique and have two stereo room layers each

- New SSD5 physically modeled drum playback algorithm ensures that each drum part sounds extremely natural, authentic, and real

- Classic Slate Drums, Deluxe 1 Drums, and ALL Expansion pack drums (CLA, Blackbird, etc) have been re-done using the new SSD5 physically modeled drum playback algorithm

- New GUI with a better layout and better functionality. Easy to understand and navigate, even without the manual.

- Using Drum Kit view, or Pads/Cells View you can now load up to 32 drum instruments simultaneously along with up to 32 user one-shots.

- Super powerful and easy routing to your DAW with AUX channels, routing manager, and routing presets.

- Group selection of mixer strips to adjust parameters of different mics simultaneously

- New solo/mute logic in Mixer with hotkeys for instant un-solo and unmute.

- Phase now can be flipped not only on selected mics but also on a whole instrument. Gives you the possibility to flip all mics in the instrument, but, for instance, subsequently flip the close mics

- Reworked mapping. Everything in the kit preset is easily mappable and remappable plus there is an input converter to load mapping presets for popular formats

- New groove library with more than 1000 new grooves. Grooves are unique and come in a lot of styles played by great drummers. New grooves are played by the new groove player, where you can adjust the dynamics and speed of grooves and ‘drag and drop’ modified grooves into your DAW

- Drums audition has been greatly improved. Audition just by clicking on a drum instrument

- Now you can change the balance of direct mics vs ambient mics for sample audition in the browser

- Master volume for plugin output added

- Resampling quality is improved

- Retina support added

- VERY BIG - new shaping section. ADSR, where you can adjust A, D and R curves and S volume. Allows you to emulate transient shapers and compressors. Also gives endless possibilities for sound design

So with that... happy virtual drumming!