LiquidSonics releases Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Pro Native Reverbs-image-pro.jpg

LiquidSonics’ Seventh Heaven Professional is dedicated to the reproduction of the most sought after hardware reverberation tool of a generation – the Bricasti M7.

By combining the realism of Fusion-IR with an extensive multi-sampling of the legendary hardware reverb, Seventh Heaven Professional truly redefines contemporary producers’ expectations of any native software reverb plug-in.

Seventh Heaven Professional’s advanced digital signal processing techniques intertwine with controls that closely mirror those of the M7, for the first time capturing the freedom of an algorithmic reverb within the breathtaking clarity and authenticity of a Fusion-IR reverb.

Special introductory price of £199 (usually £249). Try the free demo today (iLok required).

LiquidSonics releases Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Pro Native Reverbs-image-regular.jpg

Using the same core technology, the more affordable Seventh Heaven is an indispensable tool for the budget conscious producer. Experience thirty of the best M7 presets in this incredibly easy to use and extremely powerful plug-in. Available now for £49 (usually £59).

These are unofficial plug-ins produced and distributed by LiquidSonics with the expressed permission of Bricasti Design Ltd. All Bricasti and M7 sample content and trademarks are copyright Bricasti Design Ltd. All software is copyright LiquidSonics Ltd.

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