Phoenix Audio is pleased to announce the Pivot Tone channel/500 (Pivot TC/500)-dsc_0130_copy.450x0.jpeg

Phoenix Audio is pleased to announce the Pivot Tone channel/500 (Pivot TC/500), which is an API 500 series compatible balanced line amp driver and direct input channel with an EQ control processor (similar to a classical ‘tilt style’ design EQ which has the seesaw effect) for line level, guitar, keyboard and all other DI & line level sources. The Pivot TC/500 will be an excellent addition to the Phoenix Audio 500 series line up and will sit alongside the very popular DRS1R/500 mic pre amp DRS-EQ/500 4 band EQ and the N90-DRC/500 compressor/Gate.

The Phoenix Pivot TC/500 is contains a mono Class A discrete channel of our fabled Nicerizer 16mk2 summing mixer and a mono channel of our very popular rack-mount Nice DI unit and is a completely Class A discrete unit with our fabled custom wound output transformer. The DI has a 10meg input impedance load giving it a fantastic ability to capture all frequencies and give a full sounding tone for all instruments. The Pivot TC/500 has a DI input, thru and a switch to accept balanced line level through the racks XLR input.

The Pivot control is based on the 1970’s concept of a ‘tilt style’ EQ but we have re-designed this to offer a unique 3 way pivot compared to the usual 1 pivot point. Our tilt points are 160hz, 800hz & 1.6khz, these have been carefully selected to offer LF, MF & HF pivot positions. We also have a sweep-able tone control feature, which makes the Pivot EQ either darker or brighter but unlike a regular tone control this will effect both the LF & HF frequencies.
*Phoenix Audio is a US manufacturer of high end professional Audio equipment for recording and live purposes, we are based in Costa Mesa, CA.

Link : PIVOT TONE CHANNEL/500 | Phoenix Audio