The Hacienda Labs audio modules are developed for and by Studios Hacienda (France) sound engineers: Stéphane PIOT and Jo VERNE. They created upscale professional recording studio equipment able to capture all the musicians sensitivity and also experimenting in sound creation and colour. The result was so efficient that they decided to market them.

Hacienda Labs presents the HL 169 and HL 4000 500 series modules-35-thickbox_default.jpg
HL 4000
Rediscover this compressor / gate section based on the dynamics of the mythical SSL4000E and taste the "Color" button opens up new sound dimensions to this section comp / gate / exp.

Enjoy the "bite" of SSL specifically for trimming and freeze the rhythmic elements in your mix. Limit to extremes to pump your battery room by exemple. With the "Color" button, true pride of the brand, you can compress more naturally and keep your voices more air and harmonics in the manner of some Neve compressors. The latter acts as a variable Softknee depending on the level and the drive frequency of the side chain circuit.

Technical Specifications:
  • Format : 500 series chassis, compatible API
  • Nominal level input / ouptut: +4dBu
  • Circuit side chain: true RMS converter designer around AD536 Analog Device
  • Compresseur :
  • Ratio : 1 to ∞
  • Threshold : +10 to -20dB
  • Release : 0.1 to 4s
  • Attack : 30ms for 20dB gain reduction
  • Fast Attack : 3ms for 20dB gain reduction
  • Gate/Expander :
  • Ratio gate : 20:1
  • Ratio Exp : 2:1
  • Threshold : -30 to +10dB
  • Range : 40dB
  • Release : 0.1 to 4s
  • Attack : linear 1ms for 40dB
  • F attack: linear 0.1ms for 40dB

Link : HL 4000 dynamic SSL comp studer 169 preamp carnhill neve

Hacienda Labs presents the HL 169 and HL 4000 500 series modules-32-thickbox_default.jpg
Based on the rigorous Switzerland brand vintage mic pre, HL169 was developed in close collaboration between the picky sound engineers and electronicians from Les Studios de l'Hacienda (France).

"We need a clear and warm preamp that can become fat and fit all types of mics perfectly, including ribbon"
This challenge eventually led us to combine the precision of input Studer (Neutrik transformer and discrete circuit) with the beautiful Neve presence and output power (Carnhill output transformer inside).
The result is explosive! Incorporating a smooth and finely adjustable low-cut, the HL169 preamp serves the musicality and intent of your takes and a complete mastery of recording levels through the attenuation potentiometer.
Need to use extreme wide saturation of the HL169 without saturating the input of your recorder on a snare drum for example? It's possible !
Add to that an instrument input (Hi-Z), a pad (-30dB), a precision gain control (two available levels, 67dB in all) and you have the Swiss Army knife preamp.
Precision, musicality, versatility and character were the key words to develop the HL169.

Technical specification:
  • Format : 500 series chassis, compatible API
  • Max gain: 67dB
  • Pad: -30dB
  • Output attenuation: 0dB / -30dB Max
  • Phantom power +48V
  • Inverseur de phase
  • Discret HPF from 20Hz to 315Hz
  • Input transformer: Neutrik NTM-4
  • Output transformer: Carnhill VT2499
  • Mic Z input: 1K2 ohm
  • Hi Z input: 1M ohm

Link : HL 169 - Hacienda Labs