Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce the SA-4000 Stereo Buss Compressor to the forum.

The SA-4000 is a faithful reproduction of the classic buss compressor found on the 4000 series desks which is the moust sought after VCA compressor in the world and of course has been used on thousands of hit songs and records.

The SA-4000 recreates every last drop of character and usability of this classic buss compressor, at a price that makes it accessible to anyone.

We have gone to great length to faithfully reproduce the natural compression and characteristics of the original units. Every component is premium quality and has been carefully selected to ensure our units match the quality of high end boutique gear. The SA-4000 includes four THAT 2181X VCA´s, Panasonic capacitors, Vishay 1% resistors, Frank Rollen push switches and Sifam knobs/Vu meter. A side chain input is included as well as a bypass switch, TRS outputs and switchable voltage (115V/230V)

The circuit and schematic is 100% faithfull to the original and has been tested for the last year against many originals, it sounds virtually identical and superior to the plugin offerings.

Pricing is possible due to bypassing distributors and retailers, ordering in large batches and working with small margins. We want to see professional gear within the reach of anyone who has the passion to use it so we’re willing to sacrifice profits to make this possible.

The stock price for the SA-4000 will be $590US.

Right now though, if you put a $100 deposit down to preorder your unit you will get the discounted price of $459.00. Deposit can be made into our paypal account ([email protected]). There are only 60 left at this price point before jumping to 490.00 on all pre-orders which will be the final for those who get in line.

Releaste date is end of May.

Full technical details and audio samples can be found on our website Stam Audio | Stam Audio: Better Components. Better Recording and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Stam-Audio-...858006/?ref=hl

Stam Audio is located in Chile which as a free trade agreement with the US, Canada, The EU, Australia and many more countries. This means no added taxes when importing our units. Shipping is quite affordable as well.

Any questions I am always available, feel free to contact me.

Stam Audio