PSI Audio introduces A14-M Studio at the AES-a14-m-studio-side-20151003-img_9618-1200px.jpeg

As a world premiere at the AES in New York, PSI Audio will introduce the A14-M Studio.

The A14-M Studio has the same sound as the legendary A14-M but has been stripped down to look like the little sister of the world famous A17-M, A21-M desktop monitors.

The A14-M Studio has all of PSI Audio’s unique analog high-tech including Compensated Phase Response (CPR) and Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) packed into a compact cabinet.
You will be blown away by the power, bandwidth and accuracy coming out of such a small box!!!

A prise draw for a pair of A14-M Studio will take place on Sunday.
Dont miss signing up at PSI Audio booth Nr. 763!

Link : A14-M Studio - PSI AudioPSI Audio