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Open Labs, today has announced Stagelight Android. Stagelight is the easiest and best way to create, share and play with music on Android tablets. Stagelight is packed full of music creation tools, step-by-step lessons, social connections and an in-app store to suit every musical genre.

“We are excited to release Stagelight for Android.” said Cliff Mountain, President and CEO of Open Labs. “We have been inundated with requests from potential customers worldwide to move Stagelight to the Android platform. Android is proving every day why it’s the world’s fastest growing OS, and we are delighted to contribute such an amazing app like Stagelight to the community. For less than ten dollars, Android fans now have everything they need to create music like a pro.”

Stagelight for Android comes packed full with most of the same powerful features as in the Windows version. Stagelight for Android allows beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike to easily create and share their songs, record audio and MIDI, program drums, mash up loops, mix/edit sounds and play on-screen effects and instruments such as the Electro Instrument Suite using Key Lock, the piano that can’t play wrong notes.

Stagelight for Android V2.2 Features:
  • In-App Lessons: Step-by-step lessons, learn how to build your first beat, record instruments and much more • Social Sharing: Easily share your songs directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Email via SoundCloud
  • Audio Playback and Recording: Import audio loops or record your own acoustic sounds; supports tablet mic recording
  • LoopBuilder Mode: A loop-style production feature that allows you to mash up and record your favorite performances
  • Timeline Mode: Record, arrange and edit your songs using touch/swipe tools and advanced features such as automation
  • Built-in Instruments: Easy to use Drum Machine, Electro Series Keys, Synths, Organs, Effects and more • Loop/Sound Browser: Access hundreds of free loops and expand to thousands of loops covering multiple genres
  • In-App Store: Browse, audition and purchase professional loops, exclusive artist bundles and other advanced features
  • Project Portability: Stagelight for Android songs can easily be imported into Stagelight for Windows and vise-versa
  • Optimized for Touch Screens: Stagelight is designed for touch screens and can easily be used with a keyboard and mouse

Today, Stagelight for Android is available on Android 4.4 tablets or higher that have the following minimum specs: Dual-Core CPU (Quad-Core is recommended), 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended) and 300MB of available storage or more. Stagelight for Windows is available for PCs and tablets that have the following minimum specs: WIN7 or higher, Intel Baytrail processor or better, 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended), and 300MB of available storage or more. Stagelight 2.2 is available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Stagelight for Android is FREE to download and use when operating in DEMO mode. You can purchase Stagelight for Android or Windows from the in-app store for only $9.99/USD.

Link : Stagelight: The Easy Way To Create Music | Open Labs