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The DSM V2 plugin was developed by Pro Audio DSP’s Paul Frindle, developer of some of the most respected and beloved products in recording, including the SSL E and G-series analog consoles and the SONY OXFORD OXF-3 digital console. Mr. Frindle is recognized as one of the most innovative designers in the recording industry. This history of innovation and excellence has now been brought to the DAW world with this remarkable dynamics processing plugin. The DSM V2 uses FFT analysis to accurately capture both the frequency-domain and level characteristics of even the most complex audio material. This "captured" FFT data can then be dynamically controlled using familiar parameters like Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Decay and Gain. But unlike typical dynamic processors, these controls affect the FFT data, not the audio. Because the FFT data is decoded in real time, you can hear your processing results as you adjust parameters. By applying its highly advanced dynamic processing to the FFT data rather than directly to the audio, the DSM V2 offers far more bands (up to 18) than a conventional multiband compressor, while eliminating phase issues between bands, and while leaving the uncompressed signal completely unchanged. The result is unprecedented control and transparency over your source material. This advanced technology enables the DSM V2 to work over a very wide dynamic range without the usual compression artifacts. Even large-scale percussive events, which often confound conventional compressors, are handled easily. The DSM V2 is not only powerful; it’s also one of the most flexible dynamics processors you’ll ever use. For example, to use the DSM V2 as a de-esser, just capture a few seconds of your vocal track where there are no “esses”. The DSM V2 can then apply that captured frequency and dynamic information to the rest of the track, thereby reducing the “esses” to match the captured section. Fast, easy, seamless. To even out the dynamics of a mixed track during a mastering session, simply capture a few seconds of the loudest part of the track and then apply those dynamics and frequencies to the rest of the material, making it instantly “louder” while maintaining the source’s original character. The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function. The Limiter has been optimized to work with the DSM’s compression stage. The Limiter slams the door on short-term peak events in the program to prevent overs with no loss of punch, while retaining complete transparency for signals below -1dBFS. Truly professional results are achieved very quickly for dynamics processes, including:

  • Loudness enhancement
  • Compression
  • Vocal enhancement and character processing
  • De-essing


Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

Elysia Alpha comp, Maaq EQ4 and Paul Frindle's DSM. Great stuff.

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Good dither practices, what are yours?

...order to avoid the risk of distortion due to the truncation. Hence the dither on the Oxford plugins and our DSM application. Ok so far so good. But what if the data is stored or rendered as floating point within the DAW? How is this different? First of all we have to consider what floating point...

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Summing with flavours

...features are great!32 channels, bussing, insert send & returns Pans, faders, Mixbuss insert. I also owned the api DSM Summing mixer system. It had a narrow sound to it compared to both mixers mentioned above, I think this has a lot to do with the 2510 Opamps they used in Place of the 2520...

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