PT 10, make cursor stay visible while selecting something else?
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PT 10, make cursor stay visible while selecting something else?

I am moving to PT 10 from Cubase. In Cubase I can put the cursor in a spot and leave it there, go to another track and nudge until it line up with the cursor.

When I try to do the same in PT the cursor move to the new spot I click when selecting the clip I want to nudge.

How do I do make the cursor stay put?

Thanks for the help with a newbie question.
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I'm guessing you want to check out options > link timeline and edit selection and look at the difference between that options checked vs unchecked.

Unchecked will allow you to park the play cursor at say bar 25 but have an edit selection or cursor in the edit window regardless of what track or across multiple tracks without loosing the play cursor position.

Another option you may want to bring into the equation is 'link track and edit selection.
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