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The Maselec MTC-1X is an analog mastering console with 4 sections: Input section: Input source selection Phase invert for left and right Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps) 5dB additional gain selectable for low level sources Low-cut and High-cut filters Independent Cut controls for left and right The Insert section has six insert points and offers additional powerful functions: M-S with gain control for the ‘difference’ signal Inserts 1 & 2 equipment swap (FLIP) Insert 4 or Inserts 2-4 cross-fade or additive mix with the use of a rotary switch. This function could be used for ‘parallel’ compression or adding reverb Inserts 4 & 5 equipment swap (FLIP) Insert 6 can be moved to Post Output. This is the preferred position for a brick-wall limiter. The Output section: Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps) Elliptical filter with 20 frequencies * Stereo Width control; from mono to extra wide * Output Cut control * The stereo image circuits are identical to the famous controls of the MTC-2. The Monitor section: 4 external Monitor Sources Monitor of the Input and Output sections 2 speaker feeds 0 to10dB, 1/2dB steps, offset trim for inputs S1 and S2 Monitor of the Stereo-, Left-, Right-, Mono- or Difference- signal Individual Cut controls for Left and Right speakers Progressive Dim function Meter output, with –6dB, -8dB and –10dB offsets


Who's using Mastering Consoles?

You'd have to pry my Maselec MTC-1X from my cold, dead hands.

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SSL SiX small format mixer??? a similar thing happening with "super mixer" ITB mix with his mastering engineer... it's getting pushed through a Maselec MTC-1X, that's then punching in a chain of high-end EQ and Limiters that have their own sonic enhancing characteristics and saturation colors... I should know because I have these units in my main rig...

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