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Jules 25th March 2015 03:19 PM

Best android phone to get?
Thinking of ditching the iphone 6

Whats the best phone to get?

Looking at Nexus 6 and Moto G (the 2nd, latest version)

kuasalogam 25th March 2015 04:03 PM

I'm searching for a new phone as well...

Right now: HTC One M9 (fast, metal body, pretty screen, but so-so camera) or Oneplus One (still fast, good screen, good camera, plastic body, but only available via invites or timed event)

Wait about 2-3 months: Asus Zenfone 2 (fastest today, 4GB of RAM, still waiting for reviews)

Sorry, no experience on Nexus and Moto.

RTR 25th March 2015 07:23 PM

I switched from iphone to Galaxy Note. Love it. The iphone seems like something for "chick hands" after using the note.

wakestyle 25th March 2015 09:54 PM

I like rugged version... but mine is already old and the amount of ram for programs is very very low.. I get like 3-4 apps maximum installed then I get 'memory is full'... other than that it's good, I guess.. I am looking forward to finding a windows phone with the shape of this one, the size is good for me.

Jules 26th March 2015 12:32 AM

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Got a Nexus 6 today

Seems good so far

akairipper 29th September 2017 11:23 PM

I got samsung it. Bought the wife nexus 6. Bigger screen it's a good phone and cheaper than the s7 .htc are good but had them all and now samsungs better as is nexus.Don't moto for ****s sake! Go to a phone shop and have a feel!

mikefellh 9th October 2017 05:54 PM

Since this thread was brought back to life after 2.5 years, just thought I'd mention

It's a site where you can look up specs for phones including battery capacity, storage, ram, etc. Thanks to it I found a phone with a huge battery that I only have to charge once a week (I HATED having to charge daily).

Diogo C 10th October 2017 02:48 AM

Been using only Motorola over the past 5 years, mostly due to the fact that they use vanilla versions of the OS. Can't stand Samsung, too much bloat.

Quetz 20th April 2018 12:46 AM

Couldn't really go wrong with the Nexus, it's a v. nice handset.

I'm in the Sony camp - they're well worth checking out for pure grunt, 4k screens, super slo-mo (960fps) video (limited time though) and really for me the biggest benefit - excellent battery time.

My XZ premium goes 24 hours solid easy (I never have to charge more than once in a 30 hour period) and I rinse that phone.

They're not the cheapest but they are really well built and proper water and dust resistance ratings too (you can submerge it).

Hahaha! Just noticed the date of the original post. Oops.