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xeper 27th February 2015 02:03 PM

Pop Punk Drum Mix (CLA/TLA)

This is a drum mix of my latest pop-punk mixes (recently I mix mostly pop music so I really like when I have a chance to mix something more rocky).

I'm really curious what would you change in this mix. What you guys like in this mix and what is definitely bad and should be fixed?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Everything is mixed ITB.

sam guaiana 2nd March 2015 05:14 AM

One word... How?! mezed

xeper 2nd March 2015 07:08 AM

Neve 1073 preamps and two 1176 on overheads. For kick Sennheiser MD421, Neumann TLM103 and NS10 sub mic (DIY). On snare Vintage Shure 545 II on the top and audix i5 on bottom. Overheads Manley Reference. Room track Neumann TLM 103. MD 421 on toms and audix f-15 on hihat.
On the mix it Was pretty much Waves SSL E or G channel or every track + sometimes LA3A and maybe Scheps.