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MCal27 3rd October 2002 10:42 PM

Small actives for mobile editing rig??
Hey Guys,
Can anyone recommend a pair of Active monitors, Sub Genelec 1029 in size (and weight!!) that I can get for my mobile 'Tools Rig?

Ideally they'd be almost multimedia sized (eg: pc desktop speakers) but I need better sound than any (that I've heard) of these. Although they don't have to be Pro quality.....

Any ideas??

Al diddlydoo

Jules 3rd October 2002 11:04 PM

Oz at FX Rentals London, has a hilariously loud & cool mini cube + sub set at his desk, it sounds HUGE. Give him a bell and find out what they are, he bought them from a visiting US producer who made FX buy them for a project so he could rent them...!