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raz_klinghoffer 11th February 2015 06:36 PM

Can someone help me find Tascam US 2400 power supply online?
Hey guys
I just bought a used Tascam US 2400 with no power supply

I honestly can't really find the power supply for it, and could use some help getting links online

That's the specs:

External power adapter AC input 90 VAC — 264 VAC, 47 Hz — 63 Hz
External power adapter DC output 8 V, 5.62 A
Power consumption 32 W

If you can send me links I'll be grateful

raz_klinghoffer 15th February 2015 12:17 AM

I ended up buying it directly for Tascam for 50$ (!!)
Not only that , but they didn't even sent me the simple part that plus into the socket... So I need to wait more time and spend more $

-1 points for Tascam

djmobeats 23rd March 2015 06:22 PM

Please can you let me know how you contacted Tascam to make the purchase?

I'm also looking for a replacement PSU. I've heard that using a sufficiently powerful 9V PSU should work okay, but I'd rather not take the risk on such a rare bit of kit as the Tascam.

Any tips you could give me on how to get a replacement would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks.


Darren Crease 7th July 2015 07:58 PM

It seems like my US2400 is broken (see my post about it). If I can't get it fixed I'd be happy to sell my adapter and custom made dust cover for it. I just hope someone can help me fix it... Grtz. Darren

Zigworldwide 6th November 2017 10:37 AM

Tascam 2400 controller power adapter
I saw a post from a few years back regarding getting a power adapter for Tascam US 2400 controller. I didn’t really see a conclusion. Can someone help me to locate one or an alternative?

Zigworldwide 8th November 2017 12:22 AM

Trying to locate a power supply for Tascam US 2400 controller. Found a bunch of different PS on eBay but for US 1800. Will this work for my 2400?

djmobeats 25th May 2019 10:04 AM

I ended up using a 9V psu.