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teamsterjim 10th February 2015 02:59 AM

TC Fireworx MIDI Control
Just got a TC Fireworx and have programmed MIDI Hardware FX via a sequencer for ages, these days just use a Physis K4.

Have had great luck adding parameters but it seems by mistake as I like just adding a Delay over the top of a Vocal Doubler so I can kick in and out Delay, then it can go back to our default Voice Doubler preset, then bypass for between performances.

I do not see a way to control the Feedback though as I have always had a slider for Delay, or Reverb, then others for Decay (Size) and Delay and Feedback.

Anyone got experience with this bad boy, I would love to get this covered soon.
The manual says you place the cursor over a parameter and add a CC but some of the most important parameters, to me at least, don't seem to have that option when I try and add a CC.

No complaints though as this unit is really high quality, especially the Filters, Modulations and Reverbs. Delays all sound good to me and I have a large collection of hardware FX, This one stands out for Vocals really well though.


Bliprock 16th July 2015 04:37 AM

i am a few months late.. I just got one though and am setting it up lately so should be able to answer ya. You need to go to the I/O window, by hitting the I/O button, then scroll to control [CTRL] screen and scroll down and you will see external controls 1-8 and you set the MIDI CC there. Now you go to Mod screen and set the external controller to the parameter, feedback on delay ? I think you want to effect. Now the MIDI CC will control that parameter in realtime. If that delay does not have the parameter you want try the mix to the controller so you can bring down that effect and still hear the other one. Go all out and send MIDI Program Changes or use a footswitch to change the presets for each track/song.

teamsterjim 4th January 2017 12:07 AM

I've cascaded a pair to automate live vocals and a 3rd for my PC/DSP rig.
I truly love these quality units.
Like the Reverb algos as much as former Lexicons.

Thanks for answering.

Modulating Reverb parameters in real time is much better than using static, un modulatable Native FX.