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crufty 15th November 2014 04:02 PM

Roland TB-3
If you are playing live, in the mix, five stars.
- easier to use then classic tb-303
- easier to sequence
- x/y env is nice "one finger" modulation versus needing two hands
- sequences outboard

in general...the sequencer is the star, and the sound is great.

johannburkard 17th September 2019 10:17 PM

One of the most fun synthesizers you can have. It does not only have the usual TB-303 sounds, but also has a number of distorted or otherwise processed sounds on board. If that's not enough, it also works good with guitar pedals.

I haven't used the ASIO input but it even seems to do that.

Random patterns are very nice and you usually get a good one after a few Ptn Select + Scatter taps. Transposing the pattern to a key is great.

I use this thing over and over. It's a winner -- except to purists.