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xeugene123x 3rd November 2014 10:44 PM

Looking to upgrade monitors PMC ib1s
I'm currently using two dynaudio bm5s and a bm9s sub from dynaudio. I'm thinking about upgrading to a PMC IB1s, but they are midfield monitors; the room I am listen in is around 23 feet from wall to end of the wall. I was not too sure if the Ib1s's might be too big for my room.

I was looking at the ib1s because of the frequency response, because I produce a lot of music with subs. I was thinking if it would be appropriate or a near field. I was hoping to get at least 30hz to 18khz withought the need of a sub and use my dynaudios as secondary monitors. My second option would possibly be the two two eight or the barefoot mm27 / focal SM9's

efunc 4th November 2014 02:06 AM

Sorry I can't advise you on your monitor choices, but do you mind sharing your opinions/experience of the bm5s and bm9s combo? I have the BM6A Mk1 and am thinking of adding a BM 9S or 9S MkII. Just not sure which, or if there's any difference.

xeugene123x 4th November 2014 05:04 AM

They have been amazing monitors! I think that adding a sub to your arsenal would defiantly give you that clarity in the sub region that the smaller woofers can't produce.

I currently have the MK1's of both the bm5a and bm9s; I noticed that when you start hitting 30 hz (Around C) there is a bit of signal that is loss, but it is completely fine because most systems have the best playing notes at Eb-A. You won't be disappointed with the bm9s!

efunc 4th November 2014 05:10 AM

That's great to hear, thanks! I may actually order a pair of the subs and see if that helps me. May or may not end up keeping both I guess.

Anyway, what makes you want to trade your system in for something else?

xeugene123x 4th November 2014 05:30 AM

I think you should do well with just one sub, because most systems have the sub in mono.

I'll still be keeping the Dynaudio set. Recently, I decided on selling a bunch of equipment that I don't use that often and getting something that I could use more frequently like a monitoring system.

I thought that it would be great for my mixes to hear them on a wide variety of monitors. In addition to my dynaudio system, I have a set of auratone mixcubes. They sound horrible, but they make it very easy to hear what my mixes would sound like on a very low end system.

chemosit 4th November 2014 08:14 AM

I have the IB2s, which are similar. They need volume to come alive, but - when they do - the experience is amazing. Natural, neutral, detailed, and gorgeous. I don't think your room is too small (if it is treated properly), but they need to placed at the correct height. PMC provides the calculations for this, and you can have stands custom made or buy the PMC stands off the shelf. Warning: they are not cheap. I don't know where you are located. I think Vintage King (PMC authorized US dealer) includes them in the price. Discounted online retailers generally do not. As far as bass is concerned the PMC transmission line gives a very deep and natural bass extension. The Barefoots are great monitors for sure, but I prefer the PMC's when set up properly. Others may find the opposite to be true. I have not heard the Focals in my room so I can't comment on their performance.

xeugene123x 4th November 2014 05:57 PM

Thank you chemosit! Your response has been really helpful in my decision. I'm leaning towards the PMC's, when it is compared to the barefoots, but I just want to get an opinion on the Focals before I decide to commit on my purchase.

I've been hearing that the Focal Twin6 Be have somewhat of an exaggerated mid and I was wondering if that was the case with the focal sm9.

The Focals currently seem a little more attractive in terms of price, but I guess if I take into consideration the flatness and genuinely of the PMC monitors, and I'm sure that spending a little bit more now would be more of a benefit in the long run.

avare 4th November 2014 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by xeugene123x (Post 10529024)
I'm thinking about upgrading to a PMC IB1s, but they are midfield monitors; the room I am listen in is around 23 feet from wall to end of the wall.

Ask an acoustician what midfield monitor means and the response is that it is a marketing term. Monitors used to be built/designed for the far field where the room acoustics have a significant/dominant effect. Near field monitors are designed to used so claose that the room acoustics have an insignificant effect. The closest thing midfield is in acoustics is the point at which the monitor and room sound have the same level. Note it is a point.



BigKD 4th November 2014 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by xeugene123x (Post 10530916)
I'm sure that spending a little bit more now would be more of a benefit in the long run.

A little bit more?

The twins are roughly $3500/pair.

PMC IB1S will run you around $10,000 if I am not mistaken.

xeugene123x 4th November 2014 10:01 PM

@avare Thanks for the response. It helped clear up some confusion!

@BigKD I was referring to the focal SM9's (~7.5k) not the Focal Twin6.