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chewedrock 28th October 2014 08:06 AM

SSL matrix automation help.
Good afternoon from India!
Ive got some questions for the SSL matrix users out there. what is your preferred method of automation on the console? Im aware that the MIDI fader method will not move the faders and the A-FADA method will lock the analogue channels to the 16 DAW audio tracks to provide the moving faders.

I'm trying to do a "live" mix for a song, and come back and make changes (in trim mode?) if required. My understanding is that there is no Snap Function for this method where the 16 MIDI tracks will move to match the analogue fader's levels so you can do can a live mix and flip back to analogue mode for the trim. hope i made sense.
So the automation for all my tracks start from "100" (I'm using Logic 9 by the way ). and I'm doing an "automation mix" with all faders at unity.
i think I might be missing something… ?


chewedrock 29th October 2014 10:58 AM


[email protected] 30th October 2014 04:36 PM

Put the analogue faders into "ABS" Absolute mode.
Set 16 channels in your DAW as 16 midi tracks with each one assigned to the Matrix fader 1-16 respectively. Record the fader movements into into your DAW as if "playing" the analogue ones. While the faders on the analogue layer won't move, the controller faders for them will.

If you want to over-write automation you've previously done, put Logic into "Touch" mode and whenever you touch a fader you'll over-write the previous automation. When you let go of it it *should* snap back to the previous value.

Alternatively, put your analogue faders on the Matrix into "Trim" mode. The DAW faders will now give (IIRC) -20 to +10dB of trim, and you can still change levels on the faders on the analogue layer as a "master".