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P_J 1st October 2002 07:54 PM

Rode NT5 and NT4 mics?
Rode NT5 and NT4 mics?
How is the NT5 compared to km184? I'm planning to purchase a good (inexpensive) stereo pair and mainly I'm looking for KM184s, but those Rodes are so damn cheap.. Crap or not? Has anyone compared km184 to NT5s?

NathanEldred 1st October 2002 09:49 PM

They aren't crap, but they aren't all together truly professional IMO either. But of course if all someone can afford is a Kia, I am not going to expect Rolls Royce quality. If that's all you can afford they aren't too bad, but they are pretty bright (significantly brighter than the 184's), and a little harsh in the high mids. They are very quiet and consistent (ie NT5's), but the thing about cheap gear (and I personally learned this the hard way a long time ago) is that you outgrow it and quickly become displeased. Then you end up selling the gear at the same amount of loss that it would have cost just to buy the step up (in this case the KM184's) in the first place. My advice is to buy the KM184's, they will always serve a place in your studio even if eventually it is a million dollar room...the Rode's however, will not.