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pencilextremist 3rd October 2014 09:10 PM

Neumann TLM 193
I love this microphone when you need a slightly darker than normal sound yet still need the low level detail of a condenser microphone.

I would describe the sound as neutral and having very little colour to the sound, it's also a little on the soft side and can remove some of the harshness, it sounds smooth in the high end and not hyped in any way, even in the sub bass.

the only downside is the slightly high self noise at 10dB, whilst this is still quiet it's not as good as a Rode NT1 or Neumann TLM103, it's also not as good at distant micing than the 103 and has less 'reach' so it can be used to reject more room sound, this can be a good or bad thing. The other issue is sometimes too much bass in the sound, so you have to be very careful about mic placement, it is sensitive to the proximity effect far more than other mics I've used.

The 193's main use for my purposes are steel string guitar, but not classical guitar, it sounds a little too dark and mellow for that, it'd probably be really great for drum overheads and recording cymbals too because of the smoothness in the high frequencies.

overall then an honest sounding mic, similar in sound to the legendary U89i but without the transformers, perhaps less detail in the sound but that's expected when you compare prices. At second hand prices they are a bargain (if you can find one)

An underrated gem of a mic in my opinion!

jetam 13th June 2020 06:50 PM

TLM193 is pretty much a cardioid only version of the TLM170. These two mics are IMO the most versatile microphones available today. Brass, strings, rap vocals, voice over, kick drum, overheads ... are just a few of the sources that this microphone can capture well. Pretty neutral sounding mic. For some vocals you might prefer something slower/more colorful, but I haven't found a source yet that wouldn't sound at least pretty good through the TLM193.