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Lorenzop 1st October 2014 01:57 AM

Level matching for Compressor shootouts
Im wondering about the technicalitities of proper level matching. How does one do it properly when doing shootouts?

So far, just going by ear or at best, trying to restore gain by same ammount of compression on output knob/make up gain after the compression.

However, it got me thinking. Is it actually possible at all to do a proper level match? If so, how? Does it matter that its impossible as far as I see to match BOTH Rms and Peak again, as after compression and or limiting, RMS always increases if we re/store lost PEAK gain?


Secondly, isnt it better to just NORMALIZE the new file for comparison purposes after Compression or Limiting? Sure, the volume levels might be much more noticeably "off" because now we really just match Peaks, and the level/difference will show up much more clearly than just by turning an output knob to make up gain.