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thekitefighter 13th February 2014 05:26 AM

I have posted quite a few of these.

Simply. I love Fender Amplifiers. They tend to lean towards the bright side of things. I also prefer very clean amps because I like to use pedals. You can always get heavy gain out of a clean amp, you can never clean up a dirty amp, which is why I feel like high gain amps are bollocks, but people love them.

This thing breaks up nice and easy. I rarely ever use the overdrive, but again, I use pedals for everything. I have heard panned reviews on the overdrive in the past from other forums. Honestly, its not bad, I have heard better.

The DeVille is loud. Mine could honestly use a power soak. I but it has super nice sound. The reverb plate is nice, I would have preferred that it had spring reverb but it is still pleasant. People are always giving the Deluxe/Deville a hard time over it not having a tube rectifier. Whoopty Do. Full blown tube amps weigh half a ton. This thing weighs close to 50lbs.

If you want a twin or a twin reverb, be my guest. I would feel like I would need an insurance policy to take those to gigs. The devilles and deluxes are work horse and they have a top notch sound.

The only thing that I don't care for is the FX bypass, but I almost always plug in the front any way. You can find these amps all over YouTube and it is worth mentioning that these amps do each have their own personalities based on what tubes you stuff in them. Youre not going to find one that sounds exactly the same.

gpiccolini 14th March 2014 03:46 PM

If you love the clean Fender sound this amp is for you. my favourite amp for the money. Don't like the distortion, but the clean in just incredible and I have some little boxes for saturate better than this amp. Still it's useable.