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kennybro 11th February 2014 03:32 PM

Your widely varied experience
The variety of projects you've successfully worked is so varied, from reggae to pop to country to metal to etc, etc...
Some of these styles get very specific, aesthetically and technically, in what a producer or engineer needs to bring to each one in order to satisfy the artistic vision of the client. How do you wrap your head around so many styles, so successfully? Is it all just music to you, or do you break each style out into a particular way of thinking and working?

SylviaMassy 5th March 2014 04:45 AM

There is great music in all genres, and sucky music too.... A devastating hard pummeling, shrieking act like Soilwork makes me smile and feel good the same way that the silky clear voice of Sophie Barker totally absorbs me. I guess I'm looking for honesty. And I love a sense of humor. Don't take yourself so seriously!

Working on a variety of genres keep my senses sharp too. I must study new micing techniques to really capture a string quartet or a taiko drum.

I seek out projects that are different and varied and challenging. :)