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CT2 24th January 2014 06:48 PM

Coolaudio/Wavefront chips now available in small quantities
Cabin Tech Global is now making many Coolaudio ICs available for single- and small-quantity buyers at competitive prices. Many of these are original Wavefront designs now exclusively produced by Coolaudio. The following components are now in-stock and ship from the US:

V1401 (Wavefront/Alesis AL1401) ADAT optical encoder
V1402 (Wavefront/Alesis AL1402) ADAT optical decoder
V3207 (MN3207) analog delay line
V3102 (MN3102) delay line clock generator
V4220 (Cirrus CS4220) 24-bit stereo A/D-D/A codec
V1000 (Wavefront AL3201) Single chip multi-effects DSP
VTL5C3 (Vactrol VTL5C3) Optical coupler

CT2 23rd June 2015 04:28 PM

Update: We now carry most all of the Coolaudio chips including:

BBD devices (V3205 204ms, V3208 102ms, V3207 51ms) and BBD clock (V3102)
Multi-effects DSP (V1000)
24-bit stereo Codec (V4220)
VCAs (V2164 Quad, V2162 Dual, V2181 Ultra Low Noise)
Audio compander (V571)
VTL5C3 opto-coupler
Dual OTA (V13700)
ADAT encoder (V1401) and decoder (V1402)

No minimum order, discount for quantities, economical world-wide shipping.