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soupking 15th October 2006 06:23 AM

Germino Guitar Amps
Hi slutgang,

I have a Music Man HD150 head. It's really nice. However, I've recently been peeking at the Germino 55's.

I'm looking for vintage tone. I really get it with the Music Man, but the Germino looks to be pretty diverse.

Has anybody tried Germino amps, has anyone tried Music Man amps (pre Ernie Ball) to make a comparison? How would they sound against each other using a Fender Strat?

Truth be told, anyone?

Matt Grondin 16th November 2006 02:39 AM

The Germino's are freakin' amazing. I've been splitting my time equally between my Lead 55 and my blackface Super Reverb... the Super tends to work better in smaller rooms because it starts to respond better at lower volumes, but ideally I will have both in my rig if I get to bigger rooms. You can hear a clip of me playing through my Germino from a session I did on Greg's site:

Here's a direct link to the clip:

The whole Les Paul on bridge pickup isn't my usual tone, but I thought it worked well on this track. My ideal guitar tone is more like Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks, Dickey Betts, which can be accomplished on the Germino very easily, but keep in mind I had to hit it with some overdrive pedals because it's not a high gain amp. It IS impossible to get a bad tone out of it though.

p.s. That clip is from our fellow gearslut Kris at Log Cabin Music's band Full Blackout... I'm sure that track sounds much better now, but that clip is just something I ran off quickly for Greg Germino to check out that ended up on his site.