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RJRage89 22nd December 2013 07:23 PM

MESA BOOGIE Subway Rocket
Sound Quality (4)
The sound quality is ultimately just above an average, satisfactory sound to me. The dirt channel is wonderful. Very easy to just tweak the few knobs on the amp and get a great sounding, distorted tone. This section only gets a 4 because of the clean channel. It's not that you can not get a reasonable sound out of it from the clean section.. It's just that, it requires some time tweaking to get the clean channel up to par while keeping your dirt channel sounding as good as it did when you originally set that up. It's a juggle playing with the EQ to keep everything sounding up to par.. But it IS doable.

Ease of use (5)
8 Knobs on this thing. Volume/Gain for each of the 2 channels, a shared Bass, Mid, Treble EQ.. And also a shared Presence knob. No watt selections on this amp. You have your front facing input with a footswitch input just below it. Power on and standby switches to the right.. Also, just to the left of power on and standby is your channel selection switch. You can select between your clean, rhythm, and lead channels.. With the middle selection also being the "on" selection for your footswitch.

Features (4)
Not a whole lot of features. Basic tube amp features. Not a whole lot to say here about what it does and does not have. Possibly would have given it a 5/5 in this selection if it had reverb.

Bang for buck (5)
Absolutely a 5 in this section. I got mine for $500 used, in mint condition. You get a lot of amp for the money.. And It's well worth the money, no doubt.