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HolB 10th December 2013 03:35 PM

Looptrotter Monster or Thermionic Culture Vulture ?

I'm looking, (like many^^) for a unit to add character/thickness/warmth to my digital sounds / electronic productions with few acoustic sounds. I already have few very high end units (Shadow Hills MC, Elysia Museq, Burl converters) I want to keep a high level of quality..

The Looptrotter Monster seems to have a strong character, be very versatil for thicken the sound (and I have otpo and vca comp but no fet..), but the tube saturation section looks under the Culture Vulture, not in terms of versatility but on the sonic quality of the heat/deep/harmonics.

The Thermionic Culture Vulture should add a great heat and deep to the sounds with good harmonics/saturation. I don't really seek for an extreme saturation (I prefer the wide range of plugins for it..)

If anyone works with these devices ?