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fragletrollet 24th October 2013 11:28 PM

M/S encoding/decoding with MSED in FL studio
Hey there!

Trying to use my hardware eq`s in M/S mode. Have track set up in FL Studio with Voxengo MSED in Encode mode, with return audio from eq`s into channel in FL with MSED in Decode mode. When monitoring from this channel, it sounds like everything is converted into a side signal, and sounds like ****. What am I doing wrong?

fragletrollet 25th October 2013 08:16 PM

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I have made a couple of screenshots of the way I`ve set it up, along with audio pre-encoding (original track) and eq return, post decoding.

I have routed from insert 1 (with msed in encode mode) out to the eq`s (through the soundcards software, but nothing there that could affect the sound in any way, straight blank channel), back into insert 2 (with msed in decode mode). As you can hear in the second audio file, something is awfully wrong.