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Triscuit 26th September 2013 07:14 AM

Lindell Audio 506 Power
This is my first venture into anything "outboard," and while I was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of 500 series modules out there, one thing needed to be solidified: will it be an API Lunchbox? A Radial Workhorse/Cube? Or the quiet and shy looking Lindell Audio 506 Power?

When I looked at pricing, the Lindell quickly took the top of the list - not because it was "cheap," per se, but because it made sense. Compared to competitors, the Lindell was showing up strong in all foundational needs of a portable 500 series power supply. The chassis is extremely sturdy (Aluminum and lightweight); and no, it doesn't have a handle or wheels or hovercraft capabilities (although that would be sweet) but it does keep six 500 series modules neatly packed into a stealthy bundle.

Getting into 500 series gear requires a pretty significant commitment from a lot of us. I don't make boatloads of cash to spend, so I need to spend it wisely. I am a guy who enjoys functional design and would be happy without a bright coat of paint or "Feed" switches (which, by the way, not all 500 series modules are compatible with). When you build your channel strip in the Lindell, you'll have to patch it with XLR on the back end (the XLR I/O is gold plated). The unit is extremely quiet, and has some built in protection from any potential overloading or shorting out.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone interested in 500 series gear. The options are not in mass quantities when it comes to a great portable chassis, and the Lindell 506 delivers on its commitments. Dollar per slot, it makes sense. By the way, it also comes with a neat neoprene bag. I can't wait to travel with this guy. The only drawback I find is that the power switch is a bit far out of reach; I'm not going to complain though!

And for anyone interested, I went with the GAP Pre 573 to start with. I was torn between the Lindell 6X-500 and the GAP 573, but when it came down to it I felt like the 573 met my needs a bit farther along. I do, however, have my eyes on the Lindell 7X-500 compressor.

Paul David 24th August 2014 02:36 PM

Lindell audio 506
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I won this rack right here on Gearslutz! I've been wanting to get into the 500 series for a while and this was a great way in.

To be honest I was looking at the Radial stuff because I like the link feature. Then the api, bc it said api on it. :facepalm: I never really considered the lindell racks because I don't want anything cheap.

That was stupid! This is a serious rack: Heavy, straight forward, plenty of power, gold contacts. There is nothing cheap about it.

My favorite part about it is that there's no handles or any wasted space. My next favorite thing is the carrying bag. Very handy and also extremely well insulated.

I tried but I could not come up with one negative thing to say about this rack. As soon as I fill this one up I am buying another one exactly like it. No question.

Jackie Moon 8th February 2018 06:29 PM

Such a crappy built it's insane.

Getting modules that don't have a casing (like the EL derresser) is nearly impossible as the units bend and don't completely go in.

The sockets for the screws to fix the modules are a real joke. A couple of the sockets are completely loose and I can't screw the screws there anymore. (One got loose the first time I tried to put a module in, and the other after swapping a module a few times.)

The back of the rack is missing a screw, doesn't have much of an impact that goes to show the lever of QC.

This thing really pales in comparison to my API 8 and 6 slots.

As far as sound, I haven't done a proper scientific test but my buss compressor seams more pristine in the API rack. Like the transient are a bit smudged...

It's indeed low end in every aspects.