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gongbass 6th September 2013 07:48 PM

Joe Meek 6Q output issue
I've had a Joe Meek 6Q for 4-5 years and it gets used on rare occasions. It's always been a fidgety piece of gear but recently I'm having a really weird issue. I plug a mic into it and I see that I'm getting gain and level from the meter on front but the the output seems to crap out and go completely silent at times. I've tried both XLR and 1/4" outputs and both have the same issue. I've trouble shot the thing again and again and for a while the fix was to simply peak the gain (it would suddenly "awaken" then and work) but the output is just [email protected]

I'm about to deep six the thing because it ruined probably a half dozen drum takes in the last month but curious if there's anywhere in the New York City area I might be able to take it to, to get looked at. I'd spend a hundred bucks or so to get it working properly because I do like its "color" when its actually up and running.