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ze3b 20th September 2006 04:00 AM

Looking for a Digital console to retire Old Mackie 32*8
I am thinking of retiring my trusty Mackie 32 8 bus and my 16 channel vlz pro and my Mackie Control universal and going to a fully digital console.

I really only used the Mackies for cue mix, and used my outboard preamps for digital input to Digital Performer and to feed a cue mixes to the mackie.

I mix mostly in the box with my trusty MCU to improve my workflow and it really has. So much so that i am eyeing the Mackie D8b on ebay pretty hard. They are selling for 2500 with effects on every channel and focusrite preamps on every channel. These were 10K a few years ago.

There are a few other contenders like the Tascam 3200 I think it is. But the question is ... Should I do it. I know I am going to retire the Mackie but should I stay with an analog console or Not. I like the idea of having better quality preamps, all digital control surface with at least 24 real faders. (I hate bank switching) and perhaps an even better workflow and a solid increase in the quality of signal.

I have to be able to send multiple mixes and I don't want to look at a tiny screen or decipher cryptic symbols.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me to look at? Again, I use DP.

Thanks a bunch.


eleo 20th September 2006 10:37 AM

Go for the Sony Dmx R 100.
It goes or around 6.000-8.000 $ on ebay, offering value only the big digital consoles can
compete with.
For sure the DM 2000 is another option, but for way more cash.
The Sony Board is a classic already, nice preamps, nice channelstrip and converters.

Go for it kfhkh kfhkh kfhkh


TheSweetener 20th September 2006 11:00 PM

But keep in mind that in a few years there won't be any support and spare parts for the Sony!

eleo 20th September 2006 11:46 PM

Damn, your right,
my beloved sony just broke down on me and is gone for maintenance...
But hell, hope they have some parts for replacement left hittt ...

I will stay with my Sony until the bitter end, thats for sure!! :deth:


ze3b 22nd September 2006 07:18 AM

I wish! perhaps I posted in the wrong forum section but the Sony is to rich for me. I wish I could spend that kind of money but I cannot. So let me rephraze my question. If one were to buy a Mackie D8b, what should they know going in.. in terms of limitations or add on boards to purchase. Most of my inputs needs are analog I can see needing 16 channels of analog at once and 8 channels of ADAT, often a midi track or two.

I like to get a UA card also.

What other advice might you who have tread before me offer?

Thanks so much.