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yllet 25th July 2013 04:57 PM

So I got my Psi a17-m's today. Thumbs up to Helios Pro Audio Solutions - Haarlem for the fantastic support.

My first impression after 1 hour of listening through a Dangerous Source DAC (coming from Neumann kh-120, Adam a7x and Focal Twin's):

Extremely detailed, I mean... it's really scary. At first I thought it was something wrong with the monitors, they felt super sensitve, everything just jumped out of the speakers. I guess these monitors needs a little burn-in time as well, because I could feel that the bass needed to loosen up a little. (UPDATE - After moving the monitors 4-5cm back closer to the wall the bass felt just right!). They seem very forward and "not pleasing at all" right from the start. Anyone have similar experience regarding this?

I started off with some classics: Pink Floyd, Beatles, Fleetwod Mac and so on. Floyd always sounds good wherever you play em and this time it was exception. Only thing that bothered me was the vocals that felt very bright, never heard Floyd like this before, a strange feeling. Beatles (remaster from 2009) gave me a BIG smile on my face, never really understood all the hype regarding their sound (I always loved the songs though) - But now? Oh man did they sound good! Fleetwood didn't sound as good as I expected they would, "Roumors" lacked bass in a way I didnt care for before - But again, everything was super clear and beoynd well pronunced.

I moved on with some more modern stuff. First off was Coldplay's Parachutes. Had to turn it off immediately, Chris s-sounds was just too much, they sounded really bad and the whole album felt very compressed. I guess I'll never listen to them again on these speakers :(

Next up was Bon Iver - For Emma: Very nice depth and sound stage, I could "feel the wood" in the same way I could feel and touch the kick drum on Beatles remaster.

From there I just played some other stuff like Sparklehorse (very wide, deep and airy), Cracker (too bright around 2khz) etc. Haven't dare to turn on Arcade fire's Suburbs, it WILL sound like **** (Update - Actually the record sounded ok, but not more). Maybe their old records will work.

So my fist impression sums up like this:

Extremely detailed monitors, forward sounding and VERY VERY unforgiving. Right off the bat I feel a little worried that my mixes will turn out too dark and muddy, because you hear everything, like you have a magnifying glass from 1 cm distance when you listen. (Update - The first mix didn't turn out muddy at all, rather the opposite; very clean, breathing and transparent sounding!). I'm one VERY happy customer.

Day 1:

After one more day of mixing I must also add that the stereo image is superb. You can easily hear a 5-10% pan - almost like you are wearing headphones. When listening to some more tracks from Beach House, Beck, Michael Jackson and so and I begin hear things I never heard before. The bass is super defined and precise. Excellent!

Day 2:
Reverb, reverb, reverb... it's so easy to hear it now!

Day 3:
Not much to add. The Psi's are simply the best monitors I have ever worked on and I'm sure they will only grow stronger in time.

A few month later:
I've been using them for quite some time now and they are only getting better and better, don't ask me how and why. Can't imagine mixning on anything else right now! (Exepct the 21's or 25's that is). I'm in love all over again.

Jon Rinneby / Sound of wool

Gorsat 15th October 2013 04:13 AM

Outstanding near field monitors
I got these to replace a pair of Dynaudio BM5A MKII monitors for near field use in a small, treated studio room.

Moving from the Dynaudios to the PSIs was like moving from a Prius to a Tesla. No offense to the fine folks at Dynaudio (and, fwiw, I think the BM5A MKII is a bargain), but these PSI monitors are in a completely different class and it's hard to compare the two. Relative to the A17M, the BM5A comes across as having harsh highs, boomy and washed out lows, and a significant lack of low-mids. Though in all honesty I have to say that the BM5A sounded quite nice to me when I first got them!

The PSI monitors are such a joy to listen to. They're the closest thing to "audio truth" that I've experienced in my own studio. I hear much deeper into the mix. There is real clarity and kind of an obviousness to the stereo image that I've never heard here before. My mixes translate much better using these and I can listen longer and louder without fatigue.

I don't have a lot of science or adjectives to add here. All I can say is, wow, these monitors are freakin' awesome. I HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking for smallish near-fields. kfhkh

p.s. Check out this SoundOnSound review if you don't want to just take my word for it.