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lefthanddoes 10th May 2013 05:39 PM

doing very little
Hi Howie,
You've mentioned instances where you didn't have to do much because the mix was great. Somehow I imagine that Howie Weinberg doing "very little" means a very light expert dusting of magic, as opposed to what it means for someone with less experience to do very little.
Can you talk about a common situation where you made slight changes? Obviously there are the simple flat transfers, but beyond that, are we talking just some slight brightening in the EQ, or slight limiting, slight removal of mud, image shifting, etc? All of the above?


Howie Weinberg 4th June 2013 01:26 AM

Doing little means exactly what you'd think. Maybe it's opening up some highs by a db, or removing some unwanted deep bottom. Sometimes less is more. Addition by subtraction. Sometimes taking away frequencies accentuates other frequencies. You definitely get that when cutting lows sometimes.