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disinfor 8th May 2013 08:38 PM

Rush - Vapor Trails
First, thank you very much for doing this thread. It's great to get a sense of what the process is after the record leaves our (mixers) hands. You've mastered quite a few of my favorite albums!

Being a fan of Rush, I noticed with Vapor Trails that it is quite loud and often times lacks some of the dynamic range that happens on their other albums.

I'm just wondering what the process was working with that album and if it came hot from the mixing stage?

Thank you in advance,

666666 8th May 2013 11:52 PM

Rush: Vapor Trails
Hello Howie,

Would love for you to describe the challenges you may have had dealing with Rush's 2002 release, Vapor Trails.

There was a bit of controversy at the time Vapor Trails was released over the sound quality of the album.

I remember reading some interviews with the members of Rush at the time. From what I recall, Geddy and Alex had decided to do some degree of the recording for this album on their own. After the fact they admitted that they were not experienced enough and in some cases yielded poor recordings, distortion, etc. Supposedly some of the recordings were redone before the mix, but some were not.

Can you recall how you felt about the final mixes of Vapor Trails you were handed and how you went about dealing with them?

Would be interested in hearing about anything you might remember regarding Vapor Trails.

Thank you.

Howie Weinberg 10th May 2013 09:20 PM

We experimented with a lot of different eqs, levels, and tweaking. The bottom line is this: Geddy Lee chose the loudest master and said it sounded amazing to him. It's ultimately the client who chooses what they want.