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BudgetMC 18th April 2013 01:37 AM

Bass wah for Baritone??
Hey... anybody here tried using a bass wah for a baritone?? I've been running my Dano Baritone through my Crybaby (vintage 1981) recently, and it seems to eat the bottom end. I'd be interested to know if a bass wah or perhaps a variableQ wah of some sort would be more appropriate.

Given To Fly 18th April 2013 02:59 AM

I just bought an MXR M82 Bass Envelope Filter to use with my guitar and it sounds phenomenal! I'm playing an Ibanez RG2228 (8 string guitar) tuned to Drop E but at the store I used a standard 6 string guitar to try the pedal and it sounded equally awesome.