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dysenterygary 18th March 2013 04:29 AM

Fuel- Falls on Me

Thanks so much for doing this! These threads are really fun and incredibly informative for a lot of us, so what you're doing is really appreciated! kfhkh

The song Falls on Me is one of my favorites from that time period, and from Fuel. Your recording captured that "sound" perfectly so I'm really interested in how you achieved those tracks.

Anyway, what were some of the chains for recording the guitars in this song? Was it similar for both the clean and distorted guitars?

What were the chains for the bass guitar? Its super low sounding and fits in just fine, I never understand how that's possible!

What were the chains on the drums?


And final bonus question: The majority of the music video for Falls on Me is shot in the recording studio. Was it shot at the studio that you were actually recording in, or just shot later to look like they were recording?

fexurbis 19th March 2013 06:55 PM

My pleasure.

The drums for the Fuel song was pretty much Neve 1057's on everything and SSL 9K pre's on the metal parts of the kit (possibly, Helios Olympics on overheads). The kick was U47/AKG D36/AT 3000, the snare was SM57/AT 2500/AKG D19(?0, probably, MD 421's on toms and apart from a pair of CMV3's, I don't recall much else.

I should recall the bass chain, but I don't apart from it being a rental Musicman bass into a '70's SVT and one other amp (possibly a sub).

As for guitars, we went through a few chains, but settled on a Diezel/Bogner Uberschall with high wattage (75 watt?) Marshalls. Pretty sure we used SM57's, AT 4047's and BK5's and Neve 1058's- possibly, Neve 1073's. We bussed this in a Massenburg 9100 line mixer- which is a wonderful piece of equipment.

The vocals were done with a Telefunken 251 and there may have been a C12 next to it. The 251 went into a Tube Tech MP1a/ 1176 LN Rev D and I'm not sure about what eq was after that. A little hazy on those details.

The video was shot at a studio in Burbank- the name of which escapes me. I think Linda Perry bought it not long after. We didn't do any recording there.