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[email protected] WOVEN audio 12th March 2013 07:57 AM

Please tell me about your 2" 8track headstacks and tape machines
HI Michael,

Thanks for doing this Q and A session. I have a lot of questions about your 2" 8 track tape machine experience. I am very interested in using 8 and 16 track 2" machines.

What do you think about the sound of IC based tape machines?
What convertors do you like for digital transfers and recordings? I'm recently really hating the sound of the 192i/o's and the Apogee Rosetta stuff I have at disposal. The IC based tape machine I'm using is way better sounding than digital, but I feel like I'm really missing something right off the tape.

I have more questions for you, but I will try to contain myself until I maybe hear back about this.

Thanks and subscribed.

fexurbis 14th March 2013 03:04 AM


It's my pleasure. I'm not really clear on what an IC-based tape machine is, but if you are referring to Studers (800, 827), I love them. I don't know differences between them, component-wise- only sonic differences. I have little experience with many other tape machines, so my knowledge is a bit limited.

As far as conversion from analog to digital- I can't recommend anything because I try to avoid conversion of any kind and I generally don't feel I will wind up with a good version of what I started with. I can recall transferring tracks from analog to a Sony 3348 HR or even listening to an analog mix being transferred to digital (through really high quality converters) and just gritting my teeth becasue the result literally hurt. There have been a few times I've selectively "forgotten" that I will have an issue down the road with conversion. I've done analog recording with the aim of dumping to digital later and lived to regret the decision. Having tried at 96/24, the only format I'd feel comfortable with doing analog-digital conversion with is DSD.*Since DSD is a relatively expensive and "niche" format, this is usually prohibitive.

As for digital recording, I do like the Lavry Blues- although I've used them for 10 years and am overdue for a converter shootout. I've been told the EmmLabs/Meitner converters are even better for PCM- I've only heard them as DSD converters and they were absolutely remarkable. Unfortunately, Meitner is only making hifi equipment now.

I can only give my opinion based on what I've heard- which may be limited compared to other people's experiences. If you aren't liking what you have 100%, my experience has been to listen to as many different combinations and varieties of equipment as possible to find what you like best.*