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Syntza 2nd February 2013 10:23 PM

In those days you can do all this this on a computer and do it even better but when the original Finalizer 48k(the one I have) come out in 1996 then it was just awesome. One unit high then you could shape and tone your sound instantly. The blocks and the Finalizer are all digital with XLR AD/DA out and digital in and outs.

Today it still has it value I think. I use it with a Drawmer 1968ME on the sidechains to further use the EQ to cut mostly and using the stereo adjust. I can also use the compressor just a little 2-bands let the high be uncompressed.

It is build very sturdy and it is only 1 unit high and the better it is so easy to use! The software are very reliable. You have just blocks with just a push on the button you are there. You have also a cool fading in and out and some monitors functions on the screen like Peaks and Phase etc. The screen is very easy to use and big enough.

I use it as tonal shaping when I jam and play and for live use it must be very cool I can guess. You can also use it as digital efx unit too. The tape simulated function is more of less not so good then.
The difference about 48k and 96k is better converters and to work in 96k and you got also 1 more band on the EQ and some little adjustments but they are more of less common in specs.
It has a sound that you may like or not but sometimes have a dedicated hardware in front of you wish are super easy to use and very fast is just plain and simple great!

Nick Di Lorenzo 27th November 2013 10:22 PM

An unexpected winner
I was reffered to this unit by a fellow Mastering engineer.

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing one but I did anyway and am not regretting it one bit.

It's feature set is unrivalled, my only complaint is that it can be a little bit of a steep learning curve for people who aren't familiar with the technology.

sebastian carsin 19th September 2018 07:40 AM

Still better than any software,but very difficult to use ...
You ll need hours and hours to learn how to get the sound....
Excelent for mixter ...
Agressive but its all in your hands......