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prizebeatz1 4th January 2013 06:02 AM

ART USB Dual Tube Pre
This is a decent piece of equipment for what it's worth. When I first plugged it in there was this terrible hum. It seems like after the tubes warmed up the feedback died down quite a lot. I'm glad it did because it was terrible. I am using this to run my outputs from my DAC just to warm up my station. I find all digital systems fatiguing. Over the years it can really put a number on your ears. Don't get me wrong, digital is highly accurate but perhaps its a little too much so for my taste, at least in the long run. Running my outputs through this takes away a little bit of the edge and provides a nice warmness especially for the likes of hip hop or other music with a good general low end. The Art USB Dual Tube Pre really thickens up kick drums and bass sounds. What I really like is that you can listen at a low volume and feel the weight and presence of the low end. In that respect, this is a winner.

If you plan to use this as a primary interface then you will more than likely be disappointed unless you are used to a lot of hiss especially using the 1/4 inch input. The XLR input does a little bit of a better job but the hiss is still noticeable. I have not tried using this as a preamp with any microphones. I find the Audacity software that it comes with as quite useless. There is no support for midi or VST instruments so midi controllers do not function with it. You could possibly work around this by using a different software. I find the compressor decent and the phase reverse useable. Overall, this product serves its intended purpose for my application.

I would like to provide an update on my review. As time goes along, I am experiencing a static noise on the volume knob. You only hear it when you go to adjust the monitor levels but it does get annoying.

I would also like to provide a second update. I found that my go to interface was not going to work with some of the upgraded software I purchased. I figured I could use the spdif output on the Art as a replacement. WRONG! It does not connect to my professional grade gear. The manual says that it works with 'consumer' grade products. What a sham.