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dionysiananarchy 25th October 2012 09:07 PM

Yamaha FB-01
i picked this thing up for $30 at a pawn shop and i must say its definitly worth it.

its a simple synth, impossible to edit from the front, you need a dedicated program or midi controller.

polyphany is 8, you can have any combinations when it comes to multi-timberal usage, . like 2 voice on channel 1, 3 on 2,,,, or whatever, up to 8.

i havent tried editing it, but there is free software out there. i just looked online and found some presets that are generally considered the bet, put them in, and was done with it.

it sounds really good. very thick, clear, punchy, bassy, all around it has a great tone. its very present. fm is known for basses, its great at that, heavy as ****.

the strings and pad type sounds are good too, very simple though, but thats not a bad thing.

the clav, guitar, marimba, elec piano, piano, you know, all that regular stuff is good, like any other fm synth..

to me its definitely worth it, if just for the bass. but add the bell, strings, and a few others and you have a winner.

i guess a very similar chip set was used for the Sega genesis, so if you want to do those kind of sounds, it works for that.