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AlanTide 14th June 2006 02:13 PM

serious question about signal path degredation
or lack of. Here's the deal. I have 6 good mic pre's. (Avalon 737sp, Neve 33114, UA 2-610, and a Portico 5012) I also have a Mackie d8b console. My DAW is Nuendo. Currently, I have 2 MOTU 2408's that I use to get audio from the pre's into my computer. WIth that little bit of background info, here is my real question. If I decide to run the preamp outputs through the d8b in order to use the lightpipe outputs and the routing capabilities of the d8b, will I be losing any signal quality from the pres? Should I use the line input of the d8b for this instead of the XLR input. If I use a balanced trs cable, will I lose anything? I just always thought that if I could eliminate a potential gain stage, I could get things a little quieter. I am thinking of switching to an RMS DIGI9652 and only using the lightpipe I/O instead of the MOTU's. Anxiously awaiting any response.

nathanvacha 14th June 2006 04:49 PM

Are you trying to get rid of the 2408s? Or is something about your current signal path just not working for you?

stellar 14th June 2006 05:43 PM

eliminating a gain stage won't necessarily make things sound better. you have the stuff in front of you....just try it.