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skopje 12th June 2006 04:38 PM

I am looking at specs for preamps and need to kmow something about using High end preamps.

There was a sound on sound review of the Dav BG1 saying that it had huge +21db output and couldn't be used with -10 line level equipment

I am looking at P-Solo or Millenia preamps, that have a stated output of +31db

I am using an Emu 1212M which is stated at +4. Will the Emu be able to handle +31db equipment, or will it just distort to hell


T.RayBullard 12th June 2006 05:04 PM

email mick hinton, the DAV designer @

[email protected] OR [email protected]

and ask him. FWIW, I own milllennia preamps and haevnt used them since I bought the DAVs. DAV is a phenomenal choice.kfhkh

skopje 12th June 2006 05:10 PM

Dav isn't my cup of tea, if the sound comparisons that i've heard are anything to go by. I just need to get my head around if it is possible to buy a great preamp with +31db gain, and then find it isn't compatible with my Emu 1212M

I liked the Dav on vocals, percussiion. But it was my least fav on acoustic guitar, which is what i need it for


gainreduction 12th June 2006 05:15 PM

Those dB values are maximum output levels before clipping.

Meaning they are capable of delivering +21dB and +31dB respectively before crapping out.

They are 0VU = +4dB devices like pretty much all pro stuff.

If your Emu 1212 operates at +4dB aswell then it should be no problem though my guess would be that the Emu clips before the preamp does.

nathanvacha 12th June 2006 05:16 PM

You should be fine. The 31 dB you're talking about is (I assume) potential gain. This is a different thing than -10/+4 inputs and outputs. If the pre is too hot, you can turn down the output gain or use an inline pad. It's quite do-able.


Yeah, what gainreduction said.