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Dirty Gear Pimp 10th June 2006 10:19 AM

Amp question for NS-10m
not trying to beat a dead horse on the ol "which amp to use for my NS-10s" question....but

i recently picked up a pair of NS 10m monitors. i been using a pair of fostex pm-1 monitors for a while and been thinking about making a swap to the ns-10s. im kinda doing this on a whim. now i have an older crown macro tech 1200 just sitting around. you guys think that amp is too much power for the ns10s? the amp is rated at 325 at 8 ohms per side, and the yammys are 120max at 8 ohms each. (studio model). i think they are 60 or 80 nominal. i dont want to blow up the suckers. i heard that if you under power them, it'll cook the speaker cause its under driven and will cause the magnet to over heat. (is this true?) Also, if not powering up the amp all the way, will that affect the sound from the speakers?

also, any opinions on the fostex pm series monitors?

any info from others would be appriciated


matt thomas 10th June 2006 06:27 PM

I was using a more powerful amp than that into my ns-10's untill recently and it sounded great (the amp in question now powers my main monitors)

A higher powered amp will generally sound better, just be careful not to play your music too loud.

I should be ok to turn down the levels on the amp

Your underpowering question is close but not quite accurate, how it works is with a lesser powered amp the amp will distort more at a lower volume, which could damage the speakers more easily than an undistorted signal of the same level. A distorted waveform is basically not as smooooooth as a non distorted one, and as the speaker tries to move eratically to play the distorted wave accurately it can get damaged. With NS-10 levels I wouldn't imagine this causing over heating, but you could blow your tweeter.

hope that helps