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swinxx 29th May 2012 11:06 AM

Tapemachine Sound
Hi Al!

First i wanna thank you for answering questions here!
I love the q&a threads!

My question to you:
Are you still working with analog tape nowadays or do you mix digital..? And if you work with tape, do you print your mixes from digital on 2track tape or do you print into daw from a multitrack tapemachine??
Which working procedure do you prefere the most?

Thank you so much, have a nice time.


Al Schmitt 1st June 2012 10:19 PM

Im into Protools at 96, I miss using tape but its so hard to find good tape now. The last couple of times we had bad tape and had to use protools, so I dont bother anymore, I also mix down to 192 using a JCF converter and a Tascam DV RA1000HD, I find its much easier to edit and we save a lot of time. Moving solos around and fixing vocals is a lot easier on protools. Al