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John Hedger 1st June 2006 04:26 AM

Maxell Pro Series CD-R
Has anyone here been using either the Maxell Pro CD-R or the Maxell Music Pro CD-R? I happened to buy some of the Music Pro several months ago at a local Wal Mart when I ran out of my Taiyo Yuden supply. I found that, at least for location gig recording, (of my blues band) on a Superscope PSD300 CD burner/recorder...that these Maxells seemed to be much more solid than any CD-R I have used previously. Perhaps we are playing softer these days, but I have noticed almost no vibration "recording errors" with this Superscope since I've been using these.

Now, suddenly I see that only the Pro CD-R are being offered and that the Music Pro is no longer (at least for now) available in the 25 ct spindles in any of the dealers I have researched. I wonder why? Any speculation? I guess when I run out of the Music Pro I'll just try out the basic Pro CD-R.

John Hedger