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Notsosane 28th May 2006 12:04 AM

Importing cda into Audition
We are mastering a project. The two-track mix of the entire project was archived on DAT. The

DAT was burned to CD and sounds great. We have ripped a two-track mix from the CD (cda) format

as a wav file using Adobe Audition . After minor trimming (no processing), it was burned back

to cda. After comparing the two versions, the file that was converted back from wav to cda

exibited phasing problems and a loss of depth. The wav and cda file waveforms are visibly

different too.

We have experimented with ripping the original cda file as an .aif (AIFF), trimming and burning

back to cda. We feel the sound is somewhat better doing it this way than the "WAV" route.
So the questions are:

Does the conversion from cda to wav compromise the sound?
Does the conversion from cda to aif compromise the sound equally?
What is the best file format to use when converting cda to a format that Audition can read?

We have this equipment available:

DAT machines

Bottom line:
What is the best way to transfer this data from DAT or Masterlink into the computer?
In what file format should this data be saved in order to import it into Audition?

Any advice or help is appreciated.

hammerfall 28th May 2006 03:35 PM

Just an educated guess... the problem is the rip.

Audition is not the ideal CD ripper, get Exact Audio Copy, set it up for "secure" ripping, for your particular drive (this may require google), you will get EXACTLY what is on the CD.

There is no conversion between CDA, WAV, or AIFF, they're just different file formats for the same data.

Personally, I'd connect the DAT digitally to the interface and record the stream, then do everything in your DAW software, and burn the CD from there. Avoid the CD ripping altogether.