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Mafugi 9th April 2012 12:01 PM

TC Electronic Impact Twin
I bought thís firewire interface as an upgrade from the Maudio Audiophile 2496. The difference in the conversion is very noticable (I read the converters in this unit are the same ones used in the RME ff400) and I was very surprised with the quality of the preamps. Guitar, Bass guitar and hardware synths record absolutely clear, it is a pleasure to record (wish it had more DI inputs).

The unit is absolutly sturdy, I have no quality complaint. The front panel has some additional functions for monitoring (compressor and some reverb) and mixing (mono, stereo)

It is future proof in terms of expandability (ADAT), which was an important criteria for me and it also includes MIDI ports. I have connected my synths (K2000 and Emax without any problems).

Regarding the driver issues of the previous generation (Konnekt24), I have not had a single problem with this unit after owning it for more than two years.

The unit also comes with a software tuner, wich is very handy for guitar- and bass players. The monitoring section also comes in usefull. The unit also has some software filters and an adaptive EQ (assimilator), although I have not used these.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a flexible "all in one" unit for their home studio. Disregard the bad driver repution of the previous models, this unit has been very faithfull!

musicroom 18th October 2013 08:04 PM

I've had the Impact Twin for a little over 3 months now and it's one of the better investments I'm made for my writer's studio. This unit replaced an aging Delta 1010 that sounded very good as well. The difference between the two unit's sound is noticeable. While the Delta 1010 offer a rich full sound, it also lacks in clarity compared to the Impact Twin, which also has a rich full sound.

The preamps on the Impact Twin are above average for interfaces. The DSP monitoring with reverb is great. I found myself using the included TC VST reverb plugin on some of the tracks after they were recorded. Eventhough I have other good reverb plugins to choose from and normally would use them. However, the TC reverb is rich, full and clear.

Also, if you have an outboard preamp, the Impact Twin's rear inputs allow for the signal to bypass the internal preamps which is a feature I used as a decision maker when shopping interfaces.

Headphone amp has plenty of power which is a plus. The included TC Near software is elegant and useful (much better than the m-audio software I used for years).

The nearly zero latency monitoring surprised me. Of course when recording live playing VSTi plugins I can set the Impact Twin to 64 sample size and it handles that task very well. But often I move the buffer size up to 512 for mixing or using a program like Melodyne. Using the mix knob on the Impact Twin, I can still record vox, gtrs, etc., at near zero latency with the larger buffer setting. Again, the dsp effects come in to play here. They sound great.

Now that I own and use a Impact Twin, I don't see wanting any other interface to record with. As much as I like new stuff, I wouldn't trade this unit for another right now. Including the next step up higher priced interfaces I've heard. The TC Impact Twin is that good.

Superfunk_ 10th March 2019 12:59 PM

So far this is the best card that I use in my work. For a home studio, this is the best option. Dual firewire port allows it to be used twice as efficiently. Crazy internal reverb, the best one I've ever heard so far.
Two headphone inputs, one of which with built-in mute function.
High-quality assembly, pleasant to the touch, stylish design. In general, a very powerful card that I definitely recommend to buy. By the way, her price tag is also quite affordable!kfhkh

P.S.: Use it since 2012