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PRuthenburg 23rd May 2006 05:14 AM

Anyone using MIDI in Pro Tools?
So let me say I haven't done MIDI stuff in years.I've got a guy who wants to do a
project at the studio.We've got MixPlus there right now.

Anyway he's done sequences in his Motif,some with 16 tracks.He's going to replace some tracks with live players,add players and vox.He wants to be able to change some of the sequence sounds and mix them individually if possible in PT.

So what would be the best way to go about this.We recorded the seq tracks into PT,but since his Motif only has 4 outs we had to do it 4 tracks at a time.Obviously takes alot of time then trying to line up the tracks etc.

Definitely seems like there's a better way.Should I just be doing MIDI tracks in PT?How well is MIDI implemented into PT?

Or should I use a different app for this project?

Thanks for all advice,

Paul David 23rd May 2006 07:53 AM

In this situation I would.

Save all the midi tracks as format 1
Import the tracks into PT (The tracks will be automatically named)
Then send midi out from PT to the Motif and record four tracks at a time.

If that's too complicated for you just use midi beat clock and sync the motif to PTs transport to save you the hassle of trying to time align things.

The midi in PT is great. I use it every day with no problems.

lawrence_o 23rd May 2006 02:33 PM

I do and honestly? MIDI in PT is a complete hell compared to what you can do in real MIDI sequencers like Logic or Cubase I suppose.

Thing is, PT is way better than those sequencers in audio editing and processing. But PT started as a digital recorder based on studio application and usage. They later added MIDI. Logic and cubase started the other way round ; MIDI sequencing and then added audio editing and processing.

I must say Logic is a bit the better that can do both tasks very very well. A pitty though that latest versions suffer from stability problems.

I try to use Logic for MIDI arrangements and Pro TOols for mixing and audio editing.

Don't get me wrong. When I say PT is bad for MIDI, I mean you can not do the same task with the same flexibility and speed then in the others. Besides that, a lot is already possible in PT, its stable but its still too clumsy.. I guess it'll be better in time.

My 2cnts.